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Two versions of a basic template for an IC inbox!

Here @ [community profile] photosynthesis
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it's a gif navigation thing and i did not catch the most flattering screenshot... anyway a super simple nav for your needs.

here's the code!
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[personal profile] tricklet is a basic coding pack for roleplaying games. They're very simple and so is easy to maintain and customize. The images are only demos of what you can make them look like.

contents with links to all codes @ [personal profile] tricklet
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A pair of simple navigation tables; one, built with OCs in mind, has room for a blurb, and the other is just links all the way down. You can include as much text and as many links as you want and the table will stretch to accommodate!

here @ [community profile] photosynthesis
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Pretty Basic, but I made a code for my permissions posts so I thought I would share.

It should be pretty easy to customize. Live preview here

code behind cut )
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