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I'm trying to make a cr chart over here, and ran into a few obvious snags. The top left one functions fine, but when I started playing around with moving the text box (top right) and with making the circle clickable to reveal the text (bottom right), it got all messed up. I tried playing with margins, but it didn't do anything. Any help would be super appreciated!

Here's the code:

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Hello everyone! Thanks to everyone who's posted already, and helped get this community off the ground. Also, I'd like to introduce my new co-admin [personal profile] advancing, who will be helping me make sure that everything is running smoothly!

Now, since coding can be tricky and there are a lot of people still learning the ropes of how to code pages on DW, we're introducing a monthly Coding Help Post, of which this is the first! These posts will go up on the first of every month, and here you can:

  • Ask for help with some code that you're working on
  • Ask if anyone might be willing to code something for you (only one request per person, please)
  • Ask if how a code could be modified to work on DW
  • Ask any other questions you might have about coding on DW

We also have a list of Guides to Coding on Dreamwidth for your reference.

If you're willing to help with coding at all, keep an eye out on the comments to this post and help out where you can. And on that note, you may now all ask your questions!

Some news: bgcolor now appears to work in tables on profile codes - I haven't tested it in any posts yet and as far as I know Dreamwidth hasn't said anything officially about it, but it looks like they're allowing this bit of code to work.


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