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A phone-style CR chart, one of which is inspired by Trails of Cold Steel

CODE @ [community profile] yuff
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two navigation tables, each with space for a quote, and as many links as you want!

speech bubbles here!
this one is easily adaptable as a muselist or whatever else if you wanna cut out the links and just stack 'em on top of each other

image-focused one here!

at [community profile] photosynthesis
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(with hover blurbs!)

here @ [community profile] optimisty
(code + live preview)

here @ [community profile] optimisty
(code + live preview)
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Name Here
Canon Here

Name Here
Canon Here

Name Here
Canon Here
code & live preview here at [community profile] monarchy!
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I'm like in the zone, apparently. So here's a CR chart that popped into my head. It's got a hidden cut tag in it, so what you see on your journal will look different than what you see when you click on any of the icons to get into the entry itself. ...if that makes sense. It makes sense in my head; I know what I mean haha.


journal view

entry view

CODE and live preview at mistojen

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