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(with hover blurbs!)

here @ [community profile] optimisty
(code + live preview)

here @ [community profile] optimisty
(code + live preview)
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A suuuper super simple little bit of code I put together.
It's extremely easy to customize colors/fonts etc.
The live preview has black for ships. I've included colors in the code.
There's no bg or list coding to worry about.
No credit necessary; I literally just slapped this together.

code in here )
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Pretty Basic, but I made a code for my permissions posts so I thought I would share.

It should be pretty easy to customize. Live preview here

code behind cut )
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One of these things is not like the other... I didn't want to spam the community, so I'm sticking these all in one post even though two of them are a set and the other is its own thing. So first! Muselist:

'most active' muselist

CODE and live preview at mistojen

'front and center'



CODE and live preview at mistojen CODE and live preview at mistojen

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I have several Persona 4-themed codes for RP and random shenanigans.

TALK BUBBLES: Live Code & Preview @ [community profile] bootycall
PERMISSIONS: Live Code & Preview @ [community profile] bootycall
NAVIGATION: Live Code & Preview @ [community profile] bootycall
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Updated version of a code I made for RS half a decade (???) ago. Much, much cleaner.

⌲ Categories reorganized!
⌲ Coding cleaned up!
⌲ Requested permissions added!

HERE @ [community profile] shooped
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Cobbled this together for a character and thought I'd share.

here at [community profile] equinoxes
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Made largely because I was dissatisfied with the options available, and wanted an IC/OOC divide and a giving/receiving divide. Feel free to chop it up, revamp it, what have you! Just leave the credit so other people can fill it out!

Live preview and code behind the cut. )
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This is for use in your journal if you play smut in places like memes, The Love Hotel, or other smut games. Really, though, I suppose it can be used for gen permissions as well!

Character Name:
Short Description of Character:
✔ Here are kinks you're okay with. ✘ Here are kinks you do not want

x3 variations here @ [community profile] pinkfriday
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This was first coded for the folks at [community profile] the_love_hotel, but it could be useful for other games as well, modified or not.

Live preview and code underneath )
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