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two navigation tables, each with space for a quote, and as many links as you want!

speech bubbles here!
this one is easily adaptable as a muselist or whatever else if you wanna cut out the links and just stack 'em on top of each other

image-focused one here!

at [community profile] photosynthesis
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(with hover blurbs!)

here @ [community profile] optimisty
(code + live preview)

here @ [community profile] optimisty
(code + live preview)
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A collection of navigation boxes with the option for separate "pages" within each box. You can use these for muselists, taken pages you needs lots info for, stats pages, game histories... Whatever, man.

Here @ [community profile] photosynthesis


Mar. 25th, 2017 09:24 pm
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Does your character use Instagram? Now you can use a visual aid.

Code is over here @ [community profile] bootycall
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A navigational table that has the option for multiple "pages," in case you wanted to have separate sections for different games!

Here @ [community profile] photosynthesis
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A suuuper super simple little bit of code I put together.
It's extremely easy to customize colors/fonts etc.
The live preview has black for ships. I've included colors in the code.
There's no bg or list coding to worry about.
No credit necessary; I literally just slapped this together.

code in here )
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Two versions of a basic template for an IC inbox!

Here @ [community profile] photosynthesis
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it's a gif navigation thing and i did not catch the most flattering screenshot... anyway a super simple nav for your needs.

here's the code!
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