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[personal profile] tricklet is a basic coding pack for roleplaying games. They're very simple and so is easy to maintain and customize. The images are only demos of what you can make them look like.

contents with links to all codes @ [personal profile] tricklet
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This is an adaption of [personal profile] angermanaging's navigation code, recoded to work on profile pages. Live previews and code can be found here.
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technically 1 of each + variations

- - - - -

Table codes right here! )

- - - - - - -

- So I've only tested these on Firefox, if it looks weird on Chrome/Safari/etc let me know!
- Feel free to edit these however you want.
- Also let me know if something's not working right.

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Made because I was getting pretty annoyed at tables. This fixes the fact that images in tables won't format correctly the way I want them to by making the image a background one instead. Credit isn't necessary, and go ahead and change / adapt it however you want. Note that if you want to change the size of the image (it's 368 x 200 px in this one) you'll have to adjust the base table width and height to go with it.


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Jumping into the big scary world of coding things with two very basic profiles.

One and two at [community profile] photosynthesis ! 
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Thumbnail layout

A simple profile layout for dreamwidth. Live demo & code @ [community profile] vigils

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Found out that background color & images now work on profiles, and -- well -- I had to see it for myself and take advantage, of course LMFAO. You guys can take this as a sort of confirmation post, I guess.

LIVE PREVIEW & CODES @ [community profile] exclusive
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( penguins from that bitch again at ) [community profile] whaleparties

Eek, I've been posting here almost every day so uh. I'll try to space out my submissions to this community better.
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