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Does your character use Instagram? Now you can use a visual aid.

Code is over here @ [community profile] bootycall
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Two versions of a basic template for an IC inbox!

Here @ [community profile] photosynthesis
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[personal profile] tricklet is a basic coding pack for roleplaying games. They're very simple and so is easy to maintain and customize. The images are only demos of what you can make them look like.

contents with links to all codes @ [personal profile] tricklet
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Super simple, mostly text-based playlist code.

live preview & code @ [community profile] chriscodes!
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(screenshots not full sized)
Each set comes with individual cards and tracker styles. Left set here, right set here at [community profile] efryndiel
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Pipboy screen inbox code, along with three other (canon Fallout) colors with a live preview here at BarbaryCoast.
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A simple, fun, photoshop heavy code.

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A template for Call Me Out posts featuring room for the icons of the three characters you're most eager to play, a blurb about your personal guidelines, and some prompts.

here @ [community profile] photosynthesis
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I have several Persona 4-themed codes for RP and random shenanigans.

TALK BUBBLES: Live Code & Preview @ [community profile] bootycall
PERMISSIONS: Live Code & Preview @ [community profile] bootycall
NAVIGATION: Live Code & Preview @ [community profile] bootycall
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This is just a simple bit of code I've been meaning to pass on for ages. It's a way to copy/paste RP from Google Docs (or someplace similar) into DW and be clear on who is writing what, which is particularly nice if you need a specific number of comments for activity checks but prefer/need to write elsewhere. The images can be linked from anywhere, so it essentially lets you use as many different icons as you want.

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